Our Strategic Partnerships

We have partnered with Carbon Efficiency Software Ltd to offer dc members access to the Carbon Efficiency Estimator which measures the total amount of carbon a furniture piece uses in its lifecycle is the industry’s first benchmark tool for Carbon Efficiency. 

It allows designers, estimators, and procurement managers to quickly estimate the total amount of carbon a retail display fixture produces in its life cycle. Additionally, users can also produce self-declaration certificates for their customers confirming the Carbon Footprint and Carbon Efficiency. 

Richard Collins FICRS, CEO; “Collaboration with DC, a like-minded and passionate organisation, is the cornerstone of driving positive change. Together, we can inspire and empower manufacturers to embrace their Net Zero commitments. Our collective effort is about engaging all stakeholders to build a legacy of positivity for future generations, all while securing a sustainable and prosperous future for businesses.”

Sustainable, circular design can help generate significant financial and environmental improves for manufacturers but there are many other impacts that need to be addressed to by companies to manage Environmental, Social and Governance. We’re partnered with CSR-A because we align with their core values of Inspiration, Encouragement, Respect and Trust, and believe they will help empower our customers.

OpenESG is a Generative AI company making it easier than ever to work with Enterprise ESG data across the entire supply chain.

Tee Ganbold, Co-Founder and CEO at OpenESG, said “We are delighted to partner with Design Conformity, an organisation that shares our values of transparency, accountability, and environmental sustainability. Design Conformity is leading the way in helping companies measure, reduce, and report their carbon impact, aligning perfectly with OpenESG’s mission to make ESG data not just accessible, but truly actionable. Together, we aim to empower manufacturers of all sizes to understand and improve their sustainability performance. We applaud Design Conformity’s commitment to circular design and are excited to collaborate on driving positive change.”

Ours values at Design Conformity align with OpenESG whose goal is for more companies to present accurate and transparent ESG scores enabling manufacturers/key stakeholders along the supply chain to make more sustainable choices.

To find out more about OpenESG please visit https://www.openesg.com/

Terran Industries is a profit for purpose company, founded with the mission to make sustainability accessible and achievable for all businesses. Working with businesses as their dedicated sustainability partners, we provide the solutions, resources, and expertise to fast track their green transition, enabling them to exceed their ESG targets.

We are excited to be partnering with Design Conformity, at Terran Industries we always say “Sustainability does not acknowledge country boarders”, and I feel that perfectly embodies our new partnership with Design Conformity. We may be on opposite sides of the planet, but our missions are very much aligned.

Terran Industries – You focus on your business, while we take care of your sustainability.” Evannah Jayne

“We are thrilled to be working with DC, combining our expertise in ethical business practices with their innovative solutions. This collaboration is about offering our clients unparalleled support in integrating sustainability into their core operations.” Caroline Swailes, Co-Founder & Director

Associations we work with

As fellow members of the British Furniture Manufacturers we share our expertise and findings to enable furniture manufacturers to reduce and report carbon, to win more business.

We have an exclusive 15% off offer for members of the BFM – just quote BFM15 when you get in touch with us: info@designconformity.com

“BFM consists of its members, and we are proud to have Design Conformity as part of the BFM community. We aim to promote, support, and work closely with our members to promote business growth, sustainability, and ethical working, all which Design Conformity embody.” Joanna Privett

Ecovardis Gold Certified and Ecovardis Training Partner

To find out more about becoming Ecovardis accredited please visit Global, Trusted, Actionable Business Sustainability Solutions | EcoVadis

Owen is our Partnerships Director here at Design Conformity. 

Let’s work together: owen@designconformity.com

Empowering Sustainable Partnerships in Commercial Furniture Manufacturing

At Design Conformity, our mission goes beyond just measurements – we’re architects of change in the commercial furniture industry. We collaborate with commercial furniture manufacturers, guiding them in quantifying and reporting the carbon impact of their products, all while implementing circular design practices to curtail their overall carbon footprint.

In the realm of circular design interiors, our products and certifications aspire to set the industry standard. By embracing circularity, we empower specifiers to not only mitigate the carbon impact of their interior environments but also forge a path towards a healthier future.

Collaborative Reach: A Spectrum of Partnerships

Our impact reverberates through partnerships with an array of companies seeking to integrate sustainability into their supply chains.

Specifiers in Focus: Brands like Boots exemplify the need to report carbon data for their procured goods and services. With our support, they gain insights to refine their environmental stewardship.

Manufacturing Allies: Manufacturers such as ITAB, operating both at a company level and product level, entrust us with their carbon data. Our collaboration spans Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, enriching their understanding of their environmental footprint.

Steering Towards Deeper Impact

Our commitment extends beyond numbers on a page. We’re forging long-term strategic partnerships where the Design Conformity (DC) certification process seamlessly integrates into ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) accreditations. These partnerships empower organizations to delve into their carbon impact in granular detail, fostering a comprehensive understanding of their sustainability efforts.

The Power of Alliances: Our Esteemed Partners

Our journey is emboldened by alliances with industry stalwarts. Open ESG, CSR Accreditation, and the upcoming partnership with Ecovadis stand as testament to our commitment to amplifying the reach of sustainable practices.

Join Us

If you’re driven by sustainability and envision a world where carbon impact is managed conscientiously, we invite you to explore partnership opportunities with us. 

Whether you seek to integrate our practices, enhance your ESG/CSR initiatives, or simply want to learn more, we’re ready to engage in meaningful conversations.

Contact us today to embark on a journey of sustainability, one partnership at a time. Together, we’re redefining the future of furniture manufacturing.

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