Design Conformity is setting the standard in retail sustainability with independent Circular Design Certification


We are the first independent quality and sustainability design standard for the retail fixtures and furniture industry.

By adopting our design standard and using our certification process, designers and manufacturers ensure their adherence to quality standards (UKCA and CE) and commitment to sustainable, circular design practice (ISO and GHG) for their customers.

We do not design or supply, we certify.

Carbon Reduction

We work with over a 100 companies to help them reduce and report the carbon impact of their products.

Implementing our circular design standard allows manufacturers to benefit from a continuous carbon reduction process, through a strategy of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. This reduces manufacturers’ Scope 1 carbon emissions and their customers’ Scope 3 carbon emissions.

Adherence to international standards

Guidance and Certification

A lack of industry standards makes it challenging for furniture manufacturers and suppliers to report the carbon impact of their products.

Our online Design Guide, recommended suppliers database and dc Circular Design Certificate all help to ensure designers meet the required regional standards and report the carbon impact of their products with a Life Cycle Assessment.

Commitment to Net Zero Carbon

Our members are committed to improving their sustainability, moving to achieve Net Zero Carbon targets and supporting their suppliers, partners and customers to do the same. As members of Design Conformity, they are helping pioneer change in the industry and honour their commitment to continuous improvement.

By using the dc Design Guidance, approved suppliers and dc Cirular Design Certification, members are able to create more carbon efficient, cost effective fixtures and installations by measuring:

– Carbon footprint of products

– Life Cycle Assessment of products

Some of the brands we've assessed

‘ITAB became dc members because we believe in value of circular design and see it as part of our long-term business strategy. By working with dc team to launch ITAB Sustainable Services we see an opportunity to strengthen our customer offer whilst protecting and growing our market share.’

Jim Murray, Head of Sustainability and Quality ITAB