At Design Conformity we help furniture manufacturers produce more sustainable products by measuring and reporting their carbon efficiency

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Life Cycle Assessment


Take our design course and access our guide to explore your design possibilities and understand your Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)…


Identify products and materials that can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)…


Ensure products meet the dc and ISO standard. Get a certificate from an appointed agent for  your Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)…

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This guide acts as a tool to support designers, architects, manufacturers and suppliers on the process of how to design and manufacture products in a way that considers sustainability from the beginning through use and end of life.

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Our goal

Our goal is to become the gold standard for sustainable furniture design through our suite of products and our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) certification process.

Our certification process is recognised by prominent ESG specialists like CSR-A, OpenESG, and it also adheres to international quality standards (UKCA and CE) and to sustainable, circular design practices (ISO and GHG).

Our influence extends across Europe, where we collaborate with some of the leading furniture manufacturers. This collaboration has led to significant reductions in carbon footprints, benefiting renowned brands like Boots, HSBC, Lotus, and others.

Designing for a better environment

Cloud Years

1st Life

Reduce impact of materials and consumption. Design for reuse and avoid landfill.

2nd Life

Reuse materials and reduce consumption. Avoid landfill.

3rd Life

Reuse materials and avoid landfill.

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