We help furniture manufacturers to win business by reducing and reporting their carbon.

Simply, Effectively and Ethically.

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to report the carbon footprint of your furniture?

Do you need a fast alternative to EPDs?

Life Cycle Assessment

delivering end to end solutions for sustainable design





First, we recommend taking the dc Design Courses to better understand sustainable design and how improving Carbon Efficiency can reduce the carbon footprint of your product designs.

The next stage is to use the materials Directory to identify suitable materials that can help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

By using the Estimator designers can compare different materials and production locations to optimise their designs and report the estimated carbon footprint of design variations. All within minutes.

Once a design has been finalised, it’s ready to be submitted for certification.

Subscribers get 40% off dc certification.

Certified products are also listed in our FREE product directory coming soon.

So how do we turn sustainability into profitability?

By implementing our circular design standard, manufacturers benefit from a continuous carbon reduction process, through a strategy of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

Certification and ecolabel

A lack of industry standards makes it challenging for furniture manufacturers and suppliers to report the carbon footprint of their products, in an understandable and compliant way.

Our dc Circular Design Certificate and ecolabel all help to ensure designers meet the required regional standards and report the carbon impact of their products, in a way that can be used across all product types: chairs, sofas, displays, desks, storage unit and even checkouts and security gates.

This means specifiers like retailers, universities, corporate offices, architects and interiors designs, can use one certificate across all suppliers.

What are the benefits of using dc?


A scalable, long-term strategy for reducing cost and carbon.

Independent, ISO standard SCOPE 3 carbon reporting & ESG

Financial savings from reduced operating and purchasing costs

Control of design through specification

Sustainable benchmarking for designs and suppliers

Carbon reporting throughout the supply chain

Directory of sustainable suppliers

Specifications to control and reduce carbon 

Cost reductions through standardisation of parts


Independent accreditation for business growth.

Control of design through specification 

Sustainable benchmarking for designers and suppliers

Carbon reporting for product designs 

Clear customer reporting for product and projects

Scope 3 carbon reporting for customers

Independent accreditation provides credibility

Demonstrate the skills and talents of the design team

Third party certification to ISO14067 standard.

We are an independent circular design consultant that helps furniture designers and manufacturers, implement sustainable design principles so they can reduce the carbon footprint of their products.

We work with over a hundred manufacturers and suppliers across Europe and our dc Circular Design Certificate is recognised and specified by leading highstreet brands such as Boots, HSBC and Costa Coffee. All looking to reduce their Scope 3 carbon emissions.

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