Since 2017 we’ve been working with retailers, brands, manufacturers and suppliers to introduce clear guidance to improve safety and reduce the carbon impact of fixtures and furniture in commercial store interiors.

To accomplish this, we have assembled an extraordinary team of industry professionals possessing unique insights and extensive experience within the industry.

Our Team

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Prior to helping dc develop a new sustainability tool I had spent over 40 years involved with the design and manufacture of retail merchandising equipment, latterly creating a development consultancy with a strong environmental design culture and a sustainable assessment tool. Over the last 15 years there has been an increasing need to establish better design and work practices and I believe the dc sustainability tool can be instrumental in supporting our client’s environmental objectives.

Bill Jones

Head of Environmental Design

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Before creating the dc electrical specification I always faced the same challenge when helping customers to understand the benefits of sustainability – identifying what they ‘need’. Now together with a group of talented, dynamic specialists, we’ve been able to create an industry guide to sustainability that covers electrical, lighting, digital and furniture. I’m really proud that with the support of our founders we’re helping the industry to be more innovative and sustainable.

Adam Hamilton-Fletcher


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After 39 years as an electrical specialist I was very aware of the need for an industry standard for electrified display equipment so when Adam approached me last year it was too good an opportunity to miss. I’m passionate about the need to improve electrical safety and efficiency and it’s fantastic to see so many global brands and manufacturers adopting the dc standard.

Mark Nathan

Head of Electrical

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I have a solid background of retail design and implementation with thorough knowledge of technical design and project management, Successfully delivering a huge array of projects over many years. The opportunity to work with the dc team on sustainability within retail design is something that I couldn’t pass on. Looking after our environment is super important and the sustainability tool will do wonders for retail design.

Rob Hartley

Certification Lead

Our Specialists

Our team comprises leading experts in their respective fields, each of whom has contributed to the DC guidelines. As a dc member, you are able to benefit from a personalised consultation service from any of these industry professionals.

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“As a specialist in retail, signage & display lighting, and particularly illuminating light boxes, I recognise the need for standardisation to help clients understand the benefits of efficiency and sustainability. After helping to develop a new industry standard with dc we are now working with our clients to promote these standards within the European Signage & Retail display industry.”

Lei Li

Display Lighting

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“It has long been time to take sustainability seriously and defined standards help drive greater compliance.”

Peter Ward


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Jane Liston

Global Supply Chain

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“My background is in radio where I’ve spent 38 years working successfully with audio content. More recently I’ve spent several years working with audio in retail environments. I’ve joined the team because there is a huge opportunity use audio content more effectively and sustainably in multiple environments.”

Steve King