Save 90% on your Lifecycle Assessment

Are your clients demanding a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Certificate for your products? Do you need to clarify your product’s carbon footprint urgently?

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Design Conformity

Losing an order because you can’t produce the LCA quickly is a real risk. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Design Conformity was established to help manufacturers reduce the carbon footprint of their products by understanding the process of sustainable design using circular design principles. Since the early days, we have provided the skills and information needed by manufacturers to achieve their sustainability goals efficiently and cost-effectively.

What do we offer?

Design Conformity offers a comprehensive solution specifically designed to help businesses reduce the carbon footprint of their products. Initially developed for the furniture industry, our approach begins with education and is supported by a Sustainable Design Course and Circular Design Guide. We’ve also created a Carbon Efficiency Estimator, which enables your design team to evaluate the carbon impact of a product during the design phase and identify opportunities for improvement. 

The Carbon Efficiency Estimator and Design Conformity learning bundle are all included as part the Carbon Efficiency Subscription which is the best way to access our tools and as always, our dedicated design consultants are available to support you and your team.

Once the footprint is assessed and reduced where applicable, we provide a third party accredited certification for your product, aligned with ISO14067 standards. 

Learning Bundle

Take our Sustainable Design Course and download our FREE Circular Design Guide to understand design implications and material selections.

Carbon Efficiency Estimator

Evaluate the carbon impact of materials at the design stage to minimise carbon usage in your furniture.


Third Party verified Circular Design Certificate for your furniture products.

delivering end to end solutions for sustainable design

How can we help?

Traditionally, producing LCAs or Energy Performance Declarations (EPDs) has been both costly and time-consuming. However, there is a better way. 

A quick and easy way to report the carbon efficiency of your designs without the need for extensive and expensive EPDs.

How does it work?

We quickly score your product based on raw material weights and recyclability and provide a third party verified certificate within 2 weeks detailing everything from the circularity of the raw materials to it’s second life use.

Our certification meets ISO14067 standards.

Why choose Design Conformity?

Our Carbon Estimator and certification process can reduce the cost of producing carbon assessments by up to 90% and shorten the time it takes a produce a report, the end-to-end process is twelve times fast than other certification processes.

In the current economic climate, where businesses are under increasing pressure to cut costs, we have created a certification and ecolabel that delivers ISO-standard reporting at a fraction of the cost of conventional LCAs or EPDs.

Discover how we can help you in certifying your products and reducing their carbon footprint. Learn more here.