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In the world of sustainable design and specification, your influence is paramount. We understand your commitment to promoting environmentally responsible practices among furniture manufacturers, and we’re here to empower you with a compelling suite of tools. 

Our suite of products is designed to catalyse change within the manufacturing sector, encouraging furniture designers and manufacturers to adopt a more sustainable approach while significantly reducing costs compared to traditional EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations). 

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In the United Kingdom, emissions reporting is undergoing a significant transformation. Large companies with over 250 employees are now required to report Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. Moreover, the upcoming mandate for Scope 3 reporting, expected to apply to large UK companies by 2025, presents a significant opportunity to drive broader sustainability efforts.

Understanding the intricacies of these emission scopes is crucial:

Scope 1: Encompasses direct emissions from owned sources.

Scope 2: Includes indirect emissions from acquired energy sources.

Scope 3: Represents a comprehensive category, spanning all other indirect emissions across a company’s value chain.

At Design Conformity, we’ve embraced these emission dimensions and have meticulously developed a comprehensive suite of products designed to assist furniture manufacturers like you in reporting your carbon footprints to both your clients and yourselves. Our primary focus is on Scope 1 and Scope 3 emissions, spanning a diverse range of sectors, including retail, car showrooms, banks, hospitality, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, leisure, and museums.

The benefits extend beyond manufacturers to you, the specifiers. Here's how:

Driving Sustainable Choices: Encourage manufacturers to use our tools to improve their Carbon Efficiency during the design process.

Informed Product Selection: Utilize our Directory of Suppliers, a pre-scored tool, to guide manufacturers in making more carbon-efficient product selections in the design phase.

AI-Powered Insights: Leverage our AI Tool, which uses artificial intelligence to make recommendations that enhance a design’s carbon efficiency.

The end result is the prestigious Circular Design Certificate, awarded to manufacturers for their final designs. This certification can be a vital component of your efforts to promote carbon reduction at the company level.

Design Conformity actively seeks partnerships with organizations such as CSR-a, Open ESG, and others, ensuring that our certification adds substantial value to your reporting of your sustainability initiatives.

Join us in catalysing change. By championing the adoption of Circular Design Certificates among furniture manufacturers, you can play a pivotal role in driving carbon reduction efforts at the company level, ultimately fostering a more sustainable future for the industry.

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