Our Design Course is Live!

This blog explains all you need to know about signing up and taking the Design Conformity Design Course.

Who is the course aimed at?

  • Design students, designers and manufacturers. The course allows you to understand the dc mark, if you are not already a subscriber, and explains how to apply for dc certification.

What will I get out of the course?

  • You will learn about the importance of sustainable design, how to create a ‘Carbon Efficient’ product and most significantly, how to apply for dc certification. Once the course has been completed, the you will receive a PDF certificate demonstrating that you have completed the course. This can be printed or uploaded to LinkedIn. You will also receive certification if your design is successful, or a non-compliance form with feedback detailing what actions are required to achieve dc certification.

Why are Design Conformity making this available?

  • We currently operate in a linear economy, which is damaging for the environment and means that manufacturers will eventually run out of resources. By encouraging the implementation of circular design, dc promotes sustainability for the furniture industry.

  • We also want to make it easier for designers and manufacturers to apply for certification. The course takes you step-by-step through the process, and there is also the option to ask questions.

What will be learned in each module?

We have broken the learning down into 10 modules with a chance to test your knowledge at the end of each one.

  • W1: Introduction to dc. This provides background on dc, as well as the benefits of certification.
  • W2: Carbon Efficiency. This week delves into the Carbon Footprint Estimator, defines Carbon Efficiency and how to improve your CER.
  • W3: Scope of the Furniture Industry. This week provides more information on the industry and the increasing importance of carbon reporting.
  • W4: Sustainable Design Process. This involves information about the creative design process and important environmental considerations.
  • W5: The Brief and Brief Evaluation. This week looks at the brief a client may provide, what points are key to establish with them and then later evaluate.
  • W6: Product Development. This week takes you through the design process: from mock-ups to product trials.
  • W7: Manufacturing. This week involves the process of manufacturing and what tests need to be carried out before dc certification. It also looks at the legal obligations of manufacturers.
  • W8: Post-production Assessment. This week delves into furniture installation, manufacturing and end of life.
  • W9: Circular Design Certification. This week looks at types of certification, as well as how to apply.
  • W10: Submit Your Design. The final week provides a summary of key points and allows you to submit your design for certification.

Can I speak to Katie the course leader?

Absolutely! Katie is just a message away if you need help or clarification with any aspect of the course.

Katie, our course leader and Head of Design & Research here at Design Conformity will walk you through the course and explain all you need to know before getting started!

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Do you have any other courses in the pipeline?

Ah, well that would be telling now wouldn’t it!! Of course we do! But we aren’t currently ready to release any information about these just yet.

How do I access the course?

The Design Conformity Design Course is available at the link below. Simply create an account and sign up and you are away! It takes as little as 5 minutes to enrol, and we are on hand every step of the way should you have any questions or concerns. Your feedback is also welcomed so please do get in touch or leave us a review after you have completed the course to let us know how you found it.

How long do I have to complete the course?

There isn’t a set amount of time, so you can complete at your leisure!

Any support whilst completing the course?

● There are multiple choice questions after each module to solidify your learning. You will be provided with instant feedback, allowing you to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

● If there is a particular topic you are struggling with or just want to ask a question, go ahead and use the ‘Discuss’ section. There’s also the option to chat with other learners, send images and share useful articles.

What happens once I've finished the course?

We’d love to feature you in our yearbook of students so please drop your details to katie@designconformity.com once you have your certificate and we can make sure you are included in our celebrations!

Make sure to tag us on LinkedIn once you have completed the course @DesignConformity as we’d love to see your work!

Katie, our course leader and Head of Design & Research here at Design Conformity will walk you through the course and explain all you need to know before getting started!

Book an onboarding session today!


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