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Take our intuitive Sustainable Design Course to understand the step by step process of creating sustainable furniture.

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We can guide you through the process and explain how to reduce the carbon impact of your furniture designs enabling the creation of furniture with lower carbon impacts.

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We have developed a ground-breaking carbon efficiency estimator specifically for the furniture industry.

Looking to compare multiple designs?

In just 5 minutes, our estimator provides a clear understanding of the total carbon footprint of a furniture piece throughout its lifecycle. Allowing you to swiftly measure and benchmark the carbon footprint of multiple designs.

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Once your design is finalised we can provide independent LCAs.

Need to report your carbon footprint?

Our certification process provides you with a full product analysis and an ecolabel to show the Carbon Efficiency.

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To learn more about our dc carbon efficiency estimator and becoming a subscriber book an appointment with Adam and we’ll discuss your current projects and sustainability goals.

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