Introduction 1.



What is dc and how do I get a dc certificate?

‘dc’ or ‘Design Conformity’ is an international quality and sustainable mark for retail display equipment.

The certification was created due to a lack of industry regulation and confusion over which standards are applicable and whom is responsible for ensuring the standards are achieved.


The dc Retail Design Guide

The dc guide was created to help designers and manufactures achieve dc certification an enable them to use the dc mark. It covers two main areas:

– Quality, ensuring that all safety and legislative requirements are met

– Sustainability, ensuring the display equipment is both financially and environmentally efficient

The dc guide provides designers with comprehensive guidance on how to design sustainable electrified display equipment, gain dc certification and use the dc mark.


The dc Certificate

This document is used by appointed inspectors to certify compliance with the dc guidance and covers the following areas:

  • The manufacturers details
  • Visual inspection and condition report
  • Resolutions for compliance
  • Required supporting documents to support the declaration

Display equipment that meets the requirements will gain ‘type’ approval certification and be awarded a dc mark and test number which can be used by the manufacturer in their label.

Type approval allows manufacturers to use variations of the same components in the same configuration if manufactured to the same standard.


Additional requirements

Companies specifying the dc mark may have additional requirements, for example specific components types, polarity or colour specifications. Additional requirements will be made by the specifier during the brief and compliance of the requirements will need to be met in order to gain dc certification and use of the dc mark.

Supporting documents

In order to complete the dc certificate the following documents need to be reviewed by the dc inspector:

  • General assembly drawings
  • Electrical Schematic
  • Installation Instructions
  • Factory test results


Submission process

To request a dc review the manufacturer should contact Design Conformity Ltd. and submit the supporting documents. Once the documents are reviewed and approved an appointment will be set to inspect the ‘first-off’ production unit for verification and testing.

Check list:

Before submitting documents for review please ensure the following information is provided within the design along with details of the manufacturer and the display.

  1. General assembly drawings
    1. Overall dimensions
    2. Material by type and finish
    3. Materials by weight
    4. Details of parts that can be disassembled
    5. Accredited materials (FSC or similar)
    6. Location of electrical items
    7. Ventilation for electrical items
    8. Access for maintenance
    9. Point of isolation
  1. Electrical schematic
    1. Configuration of electrical items
    2. Components used in mains connectivity
    3. Isolation point with fuse rating
    4. Components used for of conversion of LV to ELV
    5. Fuse rating of the ELV circuit
    6. Fixing method for electrical items
  1. Instructions
    1. Installation guidance
    2. Operating guidance
    3. Maintenance guidance
    4. End of Life Guidance

Manufactures may also be required to provide specifications of equipment that is not already dc approved.