A unique Carbon Efficiency Estimator

Our Carbon Efficiency Estimator which measures the total amount of carbon a furniture piece uses in its lifecycle is the industry’s first benchmark tool for Carbon Efficiency. 

It allows designers, estimators, and procurement managers to quickly estimate the total amount of carbon a retail display fixture produces in its life cycle. 

Additionally, users can also produce self-declaration certificates for their customers confirming the Carbon Footprint and Carbon Efficiency. 

Footprint Estimate Example Completed

How does it work?

The Carbon Efficiency Estimator is an intuitive online tool that allows designers to conduct a lifecycle assessment and estimate carbon footprints for products, quickly and easily, within a few minutes. 

Step 1

Export your bill of materials from the drawing program to CSV file, totalling the top 5 materials.

Step 2

Identify the sourcing, production and distribution regions – not the exact distances, the tool already has data from over 1000 approved designs. 

Step 3

Enter your basic product details into the calculator, choose your sourcing, production and distribution regions and enter the materials saving each material line. 

Step 4

Once you’ve saved all the data you can create an estimate and print off a PDF certificate. 

Step 5

To create variations, simple copy the estimate by using the Edit button, rename the cert and save. Then make the changes you’d like to create a comparison with the original design. 

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All you need is the material details and weights.

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