Circular design certificate

Our design certificate provides a Life Cycle Assessment of the product ‘type’ and is awarded to manufacturers that comply with the dc design standard.

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    Carbon Efficiency rating and benchmarking
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    Carbon footprint assessment and benchmark (GHG)
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    Circuital design assessment and benchmarking
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    Environmental impact assessment and benchmark
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    Energy efficiency assessment and benchmark (UKCA, CE Directives)

How do you get a dc Circular Design Certificate?

dc is an independent design standard and we are working closely with designers, manufacturers, industry associations and universities to become a Carbon Accreditation Scheme.

To retain our independence we have appointed two agents in the UK and EU to process our certifications, they CarbonEfficiency.AI and CRP Consulting.

We are also looking for agents in the other regions of the world.

CarbonEfficiency.Ai offers subscribers a range of carbon elevation and certification tools to help them evaluate the environmental impact of their designs, find materials, improve results and submit online applications for the dc Circular Design Certification.

Throughout 2023 CarbonEfficiency will be launching:

  • The Design Conformity Carbon Footprint Estimator  – launched August 2023 
  • Design Conformity members and approved suppliers index
  • The Design Conformity’s Circular Design Certificate for product LCA assessments 

These products will give designers the opportunity to manage carbon reporting to their clients. It’s been created by designers for designers.



Stage 1

Carbon Footprint Estimates
These simple single page declarations are used for early stage reporting. They take about 5 minutes to complete.
Stage 2

dc members database of recommended suppliers
This online directory allows designers to find products and materials to improve circularity and reduce carbon.
Stage 3

Circular Design Certificates
The final stage is submitting all documentation and requirements for third party review and dc certification.


CRP Consulting supports specifiers such as retailers, brands, tenants and landlords to reach their net carbon zero targets.

Our industry experts help to:

  • Develop bespoke design standards to reduce carbon
  • Monitor and report carbon reduction
  • Ensure alignment to GHG, TCFD and UNDGs

By managing the supply chain CRP consulting ensure specifiers can report their Scope 3 emissions.


Some of the brands we've certified