Introduction 2.



What is dc?

Design Conformity (dc) is an international quality and sustainable mark for retail display equipment.

The mark was created due to a lack of industry regulation and confusion over which standards are applicable and whom is responsible for ensuring the standards are achieved.

This guidance was created to help designers and manufactures achieve the dc certification and covers two main areas:

  • Quality, ensuring that all safety and legislative requirements are met
  • Sustainability, ensuring the display equipment is both financially and  environmentally efficient.


Why is it necessary?

Property owners and tenants such as retailers have a legal obligation to protect staff and customers in accordance with local laws.

Manufactures and distributors of equipment have a legal obligation to ensure products meet the relevant regional standards.

In addition poorly designed and manufactured retail display equipment has caused fires, injury and extreme cases death.

This guidance outlines the requirements for ensuring safety based on relevant legislation:

– CE in Europe

It also provides guidance on meeting the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme managed by the government’s Carbon Trust. The scheme provides financial incentives for companies who comply by using efficient electrical componentry.


Who is it for?

– Retailers
– Brand concessions
– Designers
– Manufacturers
– Installation and maintenance companies

What are the benefits?

Health and Safety               

Record of due diligence
Assurance that equipment meets required local and regional standards
Apportions responsibility to supplier


Greater control during the concept and design process
Quicker prototypes – ‘right first time’.
Consistent designs

Intellectual property ownership
Increased leverage over suppliers
Reduced costs from legacy and past suppliers


Assurance that equipment meets required local and regional standards
Reduction in energy consumption
Standardisation and re-use of components


Reduced parts inventory
Post warranty cost control
Reduced dependency on suppliers

Scope of this guidance

The information in this guide applies to areas inside retail premises, including shops, malls, concession spaces, and other retail outlets. It is intended for use in Europe.

Document usage and liability

This document is only intended for use as guidance. The information it contains has been reviewed by NICEIC Consulting but it is not a British Standard and is not legally binding.

Where reference is made to other documentation or legislation, it is not considered to be interpreted as legal advice.


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