Design Process 4.


Engineering Design – Functionality & Performance

The design considerations relating to functionality and performance include:

Response to Brief

Because the brief set by the client can often evolve or change during the creative design process it is important to confirm current expectations before embarking on the engineering design process. It is recommended that each of the three stake holders Client, Creative and Engineering set out any revised criteria and refine the concept accordingly.

The engineering design stage considerations should cover functionality and performance and include a key point approval process:

  • Structure
  • Electrical
  • Lighting
  • Digital



What is the intended purpose of the equipment, who will use it and what is it used for?


Where will it be used in store and what risks does this add to the design?

Which country will the display equipment be used in and what standards will it need to meet?



What are the key milestones in the development, trial and delivery of the display equipment?

What and when are the evaluation stages?

When and how will the prototype be signed off?

Once in-store, how long will it be in service?



Does the budget take into account design IP, manufacture, delivery, installation, removal, disposal and an understanding of ongoing maintenance and running costs?

What is the expected return on investment?



What quantity of units are to be manufactured and are they to be manufactured in a single production run or over multiple production batches?

Are spares expected for large volume production runs?



Where is the furniture to be manufactured and what impact will that have on the timeline and delivery cost?

How will the equipment arrive and who will responsible for final assembly and who’s liable for the quality?



What is the expected QC process and how will this be recorded and shared with the client?



What type and quantity of packing is needed and how can it be minimized?

Is the display equipment seasonal, will it be re-used?



How will the display equipment be delivered to store and what are their size, time or logistical restrictions?



Who is installing the fixture and what is the expected qualification level of the installer?

Are the installers adequately insured?

Will training be needed?

Are there restrictions such as height or store opening hours?



Who is responsible for cleaning and general maintenance of the display equipment?

Will there be an Operation and Maintenance manual?

Who will hold spares and how do they get installed?


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