Design Process 2.


The brief is a critical part of the design process and it’s important to establish from the client the following key factors within the design brief.


The primary objectives of the equipment must be confirmed in the design brief.

Good design should take into account:

  • Financial goals
  • Ease of use
  • Functionality
  • Impact
  • Versatility
  • Sustainability


To evaluate a successful design, you need clear criteria against which you can measure; whether cost, sales, sustainability or aesthetics to name but a few.

Following this design guide will enable all these criteria to be captured so that the design brief builds a framework for a successful result.


Consider the following:


Need for change and critical key objectives

Commercial framework (performance expectations and project budget)

Timeline (from concept through trial to launch)

Style criteria



Set environmental/energy consumption objectives (in line with CSR policy)

Evaluate reuse/up cycling of existing furniture/parts/materials


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