Design Process 14.


End of Life

Throughout the design process consideration should be given to End of Life management of the display equipment.


Consideration should be given to:


The design should allow for the display to be removed with the minimum of damage caused to the infrastructure or display.



Allowance should be made for components to be disassembled by using fixings such as screws and bolts wherever possible.



Where possible components that have not come to the end of their life, such as gear trays, power cables and chargers. should be re-used.


Electrical recycling

In Europe electrical components must be recycled under the EU’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive.

Suppliers of electrical equipment must register their equipment and display the following symbol to confirm the recycling cost has been accounted for.



Where possible equipment should be re-used by upcycling for example, metal can be re-powder coated and soft furnishing can be recovered.



Components and materials that cannot be re-used or upcycled must be disposed of in a responsible manner and recycled.

The Operating, Maintenance and End of Life manual should include:

  • Environmental rating, if any
  • Responsible parties
  • Parts, components and materials for re-use
  • Disassembly instructions
  • Recommend recycling pathways
  • Removal and repacking instructions


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