Design Process 12.




All installation work should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions.

Installation instructions must be available to the installer and included in related display packaging.

Any acceptable deviations from the installation instructions or components should be noted to the installer.

Consideration should be given for spare parts, particularly for fixings required for installation.

It is recommended that the installation company must be a member of a recognised industry body with a code of conduct.


Before electrical installations begin a suitably qualified, skilled, or instructed person should establish:

Correct supply parameters

Point of isolation

Means of earthing

Presence and type of any known external influences in the premises

Compatibility of equipment with existing electrical equipment and other services

Possibilities for suitable access and maintainability


Installers should provide a certification for work carried out during installation which can be entered into the maintenance records.

Key considerations:

  • All installations must be performed by qualified personnel.
  • Installers must be covered by an appropriate liability insurance.
  • Installers must have completed the appropriate orientation and health and safety training (as required by the client).


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