Design Process 11.




When selecting a manufacturer is important to consider their level of accreditation and whether they are able to meet the retailers code of ethics. We recommend using companies that are ISO14001and ISO9001 accredited or are members of a recognised industry body with a code of conduct.


To be dc certified manufacturers should be able to provide:

  • Comprehensive QC monitoring and recording
  • Supplier auditing and component tractability
  • Declarations of Conformity or Certificate of Conformity to required legislation (eg: CE)
  • Accurate and comprehensive technical information on products produced
  • Photometric data for light engines and luminaires
  • Compliance with all dc testing requirements
  • Factory testing

The manufacturer of display equipment will be required to carry out tests before and during the production process and be able to provide documentary evidence that testing has been carried out.


Pre-production testing should only be carried out on the display equipment that requires certification and include:

            dc 100             Topple test of display

            dc 101             Tilt test of display

            dc 102             Weight testing on shelfs

            dc 103             Vertical load test on doors

            dc 104             Horizontal load test on doors

            dc 104             Topple test on drawers

            dc 105             Climb test on drawers

            dc 106             Surface static load

            dc 107             Surface point load

            dc 108             Product lighting performance

            dc 109             Lightbox performance

            dc 110             Edge-lit acrylic performance

Details on each test and how they need to be carried out can be found in the Testing Guidelines.

Once the unit is ready to be inspected a dc appointed inspector will conduct a visual inspection and test the pre-production display equipment.


dc Label and Reference number

Manufacturers that pass inspection and obtain a dc certificate of conformity also gain the right to use the dc logo on their test label only when in conjunction with the dc certification number. EG:



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