Digital Design Process 4.


Digital schematic

All designs should be verified by the intended audio visual (AV) installer before completion of the schematic and before progressing to prototyping.

Revisions to the schematic may be required after prototype and before final submission to the client for approval and dc certification.

Before starting the schematic its recommended to establish the requirement of the key elements:



Establish the total number of end points and future-proof the design to ensure it can be upgraded or extended in future.

Consider if the load is permanently powered or if it’s on a trading power circuit that may influence when and how data is updated.

Determine if multiple devices can be aligned to reduce the number of components.


HDMI data can be distributed with CAT 5e cable up to 100m with the use of HDMI extenders.

POE devices can be distributed up to 100m with the use of POE extenders.


Tablets typically run on 5V which can be powered by inverts which step down the voltage form 36, 24 or 12V.


Content should be delivered via a compliant CMS system.


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